Zoom Security

Protocol for keeping groups/sessions private and confidential

  • Only registered Zoom users can join our services, i.e. using their username and password to log into each meeting / session, please ensure that you choose a ‘strong password’; safely store your username and password; and log off after each session
  • Never leave your device unattended during a live meeting or session
  • Please ensure that you access meetings/sessions in a private space, (if this isn’t possible, please wear headphones/earphones so that other users cannot be heard)
  • We recommend that you update all relevant software, to fix any bugs or security flaws within your device’s software, (i.e. we recommend the same where you are using an external microphone or camera)
  • In keeping with Changes Group Protocol/Meeting Guidelines – please exercise caution when disclosing personal information within a digital environment
  • Zoom’s recording feature is disabled for those attending on-line groups/sessions – recording via other software/on other devices is strictly prohibited

As with other Changes protocol – users failing to adhere to the above may be excluded