To help you and your family to stay well during these difficult times, you can access Changes Wellbeing Services face-to-face + on-line.

We have changed some of our programmes so that they help you to cope after lockdown and to be ready to get on with your life

As members of the general population, we are also welcoming and offering support to keyworkers, who continue to provide essential services that keep us healthy, safe, fed and connected.

Wellbeing programmes include:

Making Changes

Sessions to promote more helpful thinking, healthier behaviour and to increase your coping skills; and to set goals to help you to stay well

Join one of our FREE Making Changes programmes which are designed to help you to stay, feel and live well, especially during this lockdown period.

Contact Making Changes to book your place.

Next course dates to be confirmed

Just Be – Mindful

Weekly mindfulness practice as a means of coping with daily stresses and to develop a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you.

Next dates to be confirmed

Weekly On-line Mindfulness
Pop-in Sessions:

Next course dates to be confirmed

(10 minutes ‘checking in’ + 20 minutes meditation and reflection). Open to Changes Mindfulness Community and anyone who feels that they will benefit.

Contact Just Be – Mindful to book your place on pop-ins detailed above.

Adult Community Learning

Designed to raise mental health awareness and to enable you to develop the wellness tools necessary to promote your happiness, and wellbeing and to keep you involved with your community.

FREE Adult and Commuity Learning Courses  (ACL) 2021

To register your interest…
Email us
 or call Lisa on 07983 437 747

ACL courses have no post code restrictions irrespective of COVID.

A certificate is provided on completion of the course.

Upcoming Face-to-Face ACL Courses to be confirmed.

Courses are accessed Face-to-Face at Changes offices,  Victoria Court, Booth Street, Stoke, ST4 4AL

Steps we’re taking to protect everyone and to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus (click here for more info).

Suicide Prevention Awareness

This course aims to raise awareness and challenge stigma surrounding suicide and to increase the numbers of people with the skills and confidence to help someone at risk.

Next course dates to be confirmed

5 Ways to Wellbeing

This course aims to explore how making adjustments in 5 key areas of your life leads to improved mental and physical wellbeing.

Next course dates to be confirmed


Anger Management

This course will help you to understand your triggers and the consequences of your anger. You will develop and use practical and beneficial techniques to manage your anger to improve your quality of life.

Next course date to be confirmed

Stress & Anxiety

This course will help you to recognise and appreciate the signs, symptoms and impact of stress and anxiety. You will develop helpful techniques to manage your own stress and anxiety to improve your quality of life.

Next course date to be confirmed

Advance to Employment

This course aims for learners to have an increased awareness of barriers to employment, education, training or volunteering, and to develop techniques to overcome these plus an increased understanding on how to recognise their own transferable skills.

Next course date to be confirmed


This course will help you to understand assertiveness and why it is important. You will develop and use practical techniques to demonstrate assertive behaviour and communication to improve your quality of life.

Next course date to be confirmed

Irrespectively of the current COVID-19 situation, there are no postcode restrictions regards accessing ACL services, i.e. they can be attended by people living within / and anywhere outside of Stoke-on-Trent

All courses are delivered by an experienced Wellness Coach.

For course enquires, please email: wellbeing.here4u@changes.org.uk

Alternatively, call Lisa on 07983 437 747

*Face-to-Face Workshops

Please note that all of our face-to-face workshops are held at Changes Health & Wellbeing Centre,Victoria Court, Stoke, ST4 4AL


*On-line Workshops

Please note that all of our on-line workshops are held via Zoom (please see further details at base of page)

Where necessary, part of the new digital offer will include staff offering

additional 1-2-1 support, i.e. via video link, telephone, email or text.

How to access the Wellbeing Service:

Simply call 07983 437747 or email wellbeing.here4u@changes.org.uk  Provide your name, telephone number and/or email address + tell us why you are contacting us.  A member of Changes staff will then be in touch to talk through your service options, (i.e. training programme and/or one-to-one support).    

Monitoring Forms: How you can help us…

When you access one of Changes services – it really helps us if you can provide us with some basic info about yourself and how our services have helped you.

When you access the service, a member of Changes staff will send you an email containing links to an on-line ‘Enrolment Form’ and some basic monitoring forms to complete*.

*To see what difference our service has made, we’ll ask you to complete these at the beginning, during and end of your time with us.

This helps us to make sure that we’re offering you the right kind of service and to make the Commissioners* aware of the impact of Changes services. 

*NHS and Local Authority bodies who fund our services

Please click here to download a copy of Changes Data Protection Policy

On-line training programmes and 1-2-1 sessions, utilise ‘Zoom’ software, which can be downloaded free of charge onto your smartphone, tablet or computer.

> Download Zoom <    > Video: How to Register with Zoom <

> Register with Zoom to access our groups/sessions <

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Zoom provides a safe and secure system – Zoom Security

Please click here to find out what you can do to keep the meetings/sessions private and confidential.