Mindfulness Practices – Audio files

Audio Files for 3 Week Mindfulness Course…

Session One:
Body Scan Meditation

Session Two:
Sitting Meditation
Mindful Movement

Session Three:
Thoughts and Sounds
3 Stage Breathing Space

Audio Files for 8 Week Mindfulness Course…

Session One:
Body Scan Meditation

Session Two:
10 Minute Sitting Meditation

Session Three:
Mindful Movement
3 Stage Breathing Space

Session Four:
Thoughts & Sounds

Session Five:
Working with Difficulty
3 Stage Breathing (Added Instruction)

Session Six:

Audio Files to support Breathworks© Mindfulness for Health Programme…

Session One:
Short Body Scan

Session Two:
10 minute breathing meditation

Kerry Wheat © 2020 all rights reserved – these audio files are intended for personal use only and must not be reproduced without the copyright holder’s expressed permission.

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3 Week Mindfulness
On-line Programme:

February 26th x 3 weeks
Friday 10.30am – 12.30pm

Weekly On-line Mindfulness
Pop-in Sessions:

February 26th + March 5th, 12th
Fridays 9.30am – 10.00am

(10 minutes ‘checking in’ + 20 minutes meditation and reflection). Open to Changes Mindfulness Community and anyone who feels that they will benefit.